While earning my Art Education degree in my hometown Milwaukee WI, we had an assignment to make paper mache heads.  I had so much fun making mine, that I made a super-hero-like torso to match!  My classmates loved it, so I started wearing it around town and taking photos with friends.  A few years later I started teaching the process to kids in after school programs, and then adult classes.  When I moved to Austin TX, I named the project Monsterlove.  The popularity rose, and I even got funded to teach my project in Africa!  Now, I live in Chelan WA, and Monsterlove is the name of my art studio.

I am an obsessive re-arranger, up-cycler, and hunter/magnet for cool finds.  With resourcefulness in mind, I love to make things better.  Tweak them.  Bonsai.  Voila!  I am also a licensed hair stylist. It is another art medium, and I enjoy working with the variety of textures to bring out the best natural form.

I like to tinker in my studio, doing paper mache, painting, jewelry/accessory making, sewing, and more!  Collaborative art, the environment, and community are some of my running
themes.  The exercise of creativity allows us to grow and transform.  In making art, I want to help myself and others get comfortable in altering perceptions in order to find new solutions.  I intend to show people that they are never stuck.  There is always something one can do to see things in a different way. Most of the time, it can be a little scary and a lot of fun!  The more we free ourselves to try new things, the more opportunity there is to connect. The more connected we are, the more holistic an understanding of the world we gain.  It is a powerful thing to see how we can affect the whole picture through collaboration.

"If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together." (N'gambai African Proverb)